Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Subject to your confirmation of instructions in the letting and management of the overleaf mentioned property; you agree for The Home Agency to carry out the following.

1.) We will take full details of your property and provide a comprehensive presentation of the property, to promote the property to its best advantage.

2.) We will provide, where required, advice on the legal aspects of letting, tax implications, the correct form of tenancy, rent expectations and the preparation required of the property to let. This can include liaison with your mortgage/head lessor with regards to their consent.

3.) We will provide marketing support for your property, which will include, where required and at our discretion; full internet advertising including advertising upon Rightmove, Prime location, Zoopla and our own website www.homeagencv.net

4.) We will negotiate and agree, with your approval, the terms of the letting and the period.

5.) We will carry out referencing on any applicant in order to establish their suitability and where necessary, we may secure a guarantor.

6.) We will, with your authority, prepare the appropriate Tenancy Agreement and other legal notices & documents in order to comply with current legislation, taking into account your specific requirements.

7.)) We will accept and hold a Tenant’ deposit against dilapidations. (A deposit is always one month’s rent as a minimum).

8.) (Full Management Only) We will collect rents and account to you on a monthly basis as soon as the payment has cleared, subject to receipt.

9.) (Full Management Only) We will make authorised payments from your account where requested.

10.) (Full Management Only) We will receive reports from tenants with regards to maintenance and repairs for which you are responsible and instruct tradesmen to effect such maintenance and repairs. (Our duties in this respect are subject to being made aware of any problems rising).

11.) (Full Management Only) We can confirm that all maintenance and repair tasks will be carried out satisfactorily; we will verify all tradesmen’s invoices and make payment on your behalf from the rental income received to a maximum of f100.OO. NOTE: Should a maintenance or repair task exceed your authorised limit of f100.OO, we will seek your instructions. In the event of an emergency however, we undertake to carry out all of the precautions necessary to safeguard your property with the resultant expenses incurred deemed to be with your authority or on your behalf.

12.) (Full Management Only) We will make quarterly visits to the property and advise you of the results including, where necessary, any maintenance or repair consideration which we consider should be brought to your attention. Such inspections however, should not be regarded as anything more than a check to ensure that the tenants are observing the conditions of the agreement and that in all respects the property appears to be well cared for by the tenant.

13.) (Full Management Only) At the end of the tenancy; we will carry out a dilapidation assessment with the tenant in attendance where possible, and make such deductions, in our opinion, where necessary from the tenants deposit in order to compensate you for such deductions. (Fair wear and tear obviously being considered).

14.) We will seek new tenants where applicable, to ensure continuity prior to your return to take up residency.

15.) Where the property remains unoccupied between letting periods it must be distinctly understood that our management does not include supervision of the property. Although in normal circumstances where we are conducting viewing appointments, periodic visits may be made to the property. the property is to remain empty for a period of more than fourteen days, the landlord MUST inform his/her insurance company.

16.) (Full Management Only) Where there is a breach of the tenancy agreement by a tenant, we witl take atl the necessary steps to resolve the breech and report to you on such an event as well as informing you of the progress being made to resolve the problem.

17.) Advice on Tax Liabilit – Non Resident Landlord If it is your intention to reside abroad during the period in which your property is let, i.e- you become non-resident in the UK for tax purposes; we as your agent will be held responsible by the Inland Revenue for the payment of any liability which may arise from the rents collected on your behalf. You may be entitled to an ‘Exemption’ certificate where we can suppiy an application form.

18.) We will manage the property for a period of 12 months unless agreed otherwise. Should this period expire and the tenant wishes to remain in the property, the landlord is obliged to retain the services of The Home Agency; or pay the fees at the agreed rates until such time as the tenant, whom was found by The Home Agency, vacates the property. The fee to terminate the said contract would be E600.00 including VAT at the prevailing rate. This is on a per property basis.

19.) Any interest, commissions or other income earned by ourseives whilst carrying out our duties as agents for the letting and/or management of the property, will be retained by the company.

20.) The Home Agency is indemnified from any responsibility for any failure on the landlords behalf to ensure that ail furniture complies with safety regulations and that all relevant electrical and gas safety certificates have been issued to the tenant and agent.

21.) We will secure the tenants deposit in a government recognized scheme called ‘My Deposits’. We will secure the monies in a separate client account.

22.) Due to the change in GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Home Agency Ltd has a legal obligation to collect, store, use and dispose of your confidential information in accordance with the data protection act 1988. It may be necessary for us to share your information with trusted third parties such as Energy suppliers in the interest of account liability, council tax and other professional governed bodies. Home Agency Ltd will never share your information with any sales or exterior third parties.

In the event of potential property maintenance issues that may arise in the property in which these terms and conditions relate to, Home Agency Ltd will pass your information to our approved, vetted, professional panel of tradesmen with the sole purpose of gaining entry to the property and liaising repairs. You have the right to opt out of this, but in doing so you accept that Home Agency Ltd will be unable to arrange any property maintenance or repairs on your behalf.